For our teeth to function properly, the jaws must move and close. This movement requires the coordinated action of the jaw and facial muscles. These muscles can become overly developed and strengthened due to daily stress, muscular disorders, or harmful jaw habits (such as bruxism). This disproportionate strengthening can lead to harmful closures known as teeth grinding. Such harmful closure patterns can cause pain, abnormal mobility, and sounds in the joints, eventually leading to joint disorders.

The treatment for these disorders is not a single-step process. Initially, occlusal splints, known as “night guards,” are made to prevent the patient’s teeth from making contact. Following this, Botox injections are administered into the masseter and temporal muscles, considering the patient’s muscular structure. This approach helps protect the teeth and joint structures.

For more information about these treatments, which require knowledge and expertise, you can reach out to us through our Patient Consultation Line.


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